Lead Generation is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of growing your business, and has been proven to outperform other methods of generating new business. Our model has been cultivated over the past 5 years to provide our customers with transaparent, high quality, targeted leads. If you're a larger, national
buyer, then please contact us directly.


We are so confident in our system that we provide you with the details of where the lead was generated, as well as complete transaparency of how the lead was generated, providing you with the best opportunity of converting the lead.

Source Rank

The only lead provider to provide you with an affiliate ranking system of all of our lead sources, based on information and reviews that customers provide us with.


1) No obligation
2) No minimum deposit
3) No minimum spend

You also have the flexibility of turning your lead flow on or off, setting the amount of leads you'll receive per day, and which time of day.


Customers are asked to confirm they would like to be contacted by an FCA regulated broker firm before they submit their details, ensuring you are not at risk of cold calling your customers.

Fair Invalid Policy

Our policy allows refunds for duplicate leads, test leads, hoax leads, invalid numbers and wrong numbers. Also if you are unhappy with any particular source of lead or lead generation method you may turn them off subject to conditions.

Set & Forget

Lead Co-op will never charge you more than you should have to pay for a lead. Using our unique bidding model you only pay £1 more than the second placed bidder for a lead, so you can set a maximum bid for a lead type safe in the knowledge you are never going to be over charged.


We are currently generating high quality leads in the Mortgage, Life Insurance and Private Medical Insurance industries.

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